These are excerpts taken from letters recieved from previous clients.


"Thank you very much for completing the table in such a timely fashion. It is beautiful."

                                                                           Herbert and Barabra Dow,  Midlan MIchigan

"Once again , you have proved yourself to be not only a fine craftsman, but a true artist."

                                                                                            John Hament        

                                                 Kinkel,Miller, and Hament   Law Offices Sarasota Florida


"I realized all over again, just how very special all my sculpted pieces are that you made for us. I know this is your business, but I believe it is also more than that to you and I wanted to say" Thank you very much".  Having put such a degree of self into each of your remarkable and spactacular creations, I really do not see how you are able to part with them."

                                                                      Larry and Sandy Berberich,  Sarsota, Florida



"Thank you for your "baby". It will be a cherished member of our family for a long time."

                                                                                             Denise Mullin , Long Island , New Jersey


"I have to admit I have had some disappointing experiences with artists I have contacted before. It was pleasure to work with someone who provided not only quality product in the time frame we agreed upon,but in  the end result, met my full expectations.  Your honesty and integrity we greatly appreciated."

                                                                                          Blythe McDonough,    Bradenton Florida


"When I met Larry and saw his portfolio I realized his talent. Not only was he a craftsman and an artist, he was creative and knew wood and how to display it's beauty and life in his work. The difference between a housepainter and Michaelangelo....I use Michaelangelo.

Larrys sketches were easy to follow and the rest of the process even easier. When Larry gave us a delievery date it was I who was not quite prepared. Larry was on time, worked dilgently during installation, with sensitivity towards keeping things cleaned up as he did the installation, something I found unheard in the profession, but then Larry is exceptional, a true artist.  His creation is the crowning piece to our house".

                                                                                             Beth Kashner   Longboat Key, Florida


"Your patience in listening to our requirements and the constructive, creative way you presented solutions were no less than inspiring. Larry, your positive spirit and excellent quality of work have helped to create a very special place in our home.  We look forward to working with you on other projects that will enable you to use you superb skills in crafting other items."

                                                                          H. Murray Bluegrass 

                                                                 Superintendent of Schools    Mahwah,  New Jersey


"You are a fine artist ,and a delight to do business with. If we need further pieces we will be knocking on your studio door."

                                                                                                    Kathy Taylor      

                                                                        First Congregational United Church of Christ of Sarasota, Sarasota Florida


"When we came upon you and your lamps at the show we were excited to have finally found a lamp that we liked.  But when we got it home and set it up in the living room it transformed  the space. I never thought a single furnishing could have such a profound effect.   We love it!  We are talking about where we can use one of your table lamps.                            Thanks so much."

                                                                                               Mark and Elisia Brooks       Charlotte NC


Dear Larry:

The lamp is just perfect. I am soooooooo pleased . I am sitting in the glow of your lamp. Perfect.


Francie Glickman