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Combining function with artistic expression has always been an attraction for me.  Artists like Isamu Noguchi and Wendell Castle most profoundly influenced me in their mastery of this domain. The notion of drama and elegance expressed in a common functional entity has an impact that should not be understated.

      My profound love and connection with nature has always inflenced my work. As a child, my favorite experiences happened out in the woods. I remember climbing high up in swaying trees and just hanging in the branches, moving in the wind.  At home, watching my father make items in his woodshop, and then trying to emulate him, influenced my desire to become a craftsman and creator.

I now recognize the depth and power of those experiences and how they influenced my life and therefore my work.

I went to college at Southern Illinois University.  Majoring in Design, I was fortunate to be a part a unique program setup by Buckminster Fuller.  Influenced by his genius inspiration and the enviroment he created, rich in  creativity, I was taught to find my own unique niche in the world of  "Handmade".

Now, over 3 decades later, I have learned that meeting the functional demands of furniture design and fabrication, and at the same time pushing the envelope to create the aura of drama, requires a high degree of discipline. I have learned to enjoy these challenges.

No matter what I am working on, I always use Old World Standards of Quality.

My objective is to create heirloom pieces which will be around for generations.

Larry Brown
Larry BrownArtist